Monday, January 2, 2012

Good bye :(

My new year is not a happy one. There will be no more updated chapters for this blog anymore. The Roommates Legacy is discontinued.

But for everybody reading my blog! Have A Happy 2012 Ahead of you guys!

The Wozny Family Will Miss You

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chapter 1.15: You're Now A Man, Henry!

Henry called his Dad to meet them at the hospital. He tried to stay calm for his mom but he’s trembling all over, this is the first time he saw his mom in pain.

He drove all the way to the hospital less than 15 minutes, a stretcher is already waiting in the emergency area and he saw Dad waiting for them.

“Who’s with Janie and Josie?” his dad asked him.

“They’re with Lizzie, Dad. Is mom gonna be okay? She looks bad. We’re just playing the guitar and then suddenly. This happened.” He answered his dad worriedly.

His dad patted him on the shoulders, trying to assure him but he can see the fear in his eyes. This is the first time he saw that.

They waited for almost 4 hours until the doctor came out.

“Well Mr. Wozny. Congratulations to you! And to you Henry, help your Dad and Mom take care of these two little kiddos!” The doctor happily said the big news to them.

Both of them are shocked. The doctor assured that there are no complications but he have to talk to Holden privately. Henry excused himself to see his mom and the twins.

“Well Mr. Wozny, the twins are healthy and your wife is good. The problem is, she is at the age that her uterus is not that strong anymore and your wife feels it too. So before we put her to sleep she told me to tie her tubes so that she can’t have children anymore. She told me to inform you. I also feel that was the right decision because the next pregnancy would really be dangerous to your wife. I hope you understand Mr. Wozny” the doctor informed him in a serious tone.

He nodded and shook the hands of the doctor. He knows it’s for Gwen’s safety and his family’s sake.

He was surprised as he entered the room. He saw the twins, fraternal twins. He named them after the England’s greatest royal couple, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Gwen insisted her doctor that she would be released and promised that she will rest at her own home. The doctor reluctantly said yes but prescribed her with pain meds.

After the birth of his brother and sister, his dad talked to him about his responsibilities as the big brother and as the next Head of the Family. Too much stress and pressure clouded Henry’s mind and absent-mindedly he forgot what he will do next, until he heard his phone ringing.

He looked who might be calling him and saw the name of his bestfriend who he hasn’t been talking for almost a week. He misses her and delightedly answered the phone.

“Henry.” Raven said in a flat tone.

“Hey Rave, can we meet up?” Henry nervously asked her.

“Yeah. I’m calling because.. I guess we need to talk” Raven replied to him.

Raven invited him to their house. They had a long talk about the fight and apologize with each other.

“I missed you” Henry whispered to Raven. Henry felt electricity in his whole body, it spread like wildfire as they hugged. Henry awkwardly released Raven after the hug.

“C’mon. Let’s do the math homework. I know you need my help” Raven jokingly punched her at his shoulder.

While they are doing their math and science assignment, she was asking Henry if they could dissect a cockroach for their science project.

But Henry could not concentrate. She still smelled Raven’s hair, the sweet smell like strawberries.

“What is this I’m feeling?” Henry thought.

They finished their homework and it’s the first time Henry finished his homework without cramming in the school. To take his mind of, Henry got his guitar and felt like to play in front of Raven.

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

The hammer may strike, be dead on the ground
A nail to my hand, a cross on his crown
We’re done if we’re done
Finished if we are complete
As one we are everything
We are everything we need

The Radar siblings joined Henry’s guitar and beautiful voice as he continued to sing…

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

What good is a life, with no one to share
The light of the moon, the honor of a swear
We can try to live the way of which you speak
Taste the milk of your mother earth’s love
Spread the consciousness you see
We are everything we need

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

All this indecision
All this independent strength
Still, we’ve got our hearts on save
We’ve got our hearts on save

Someday when you’re lonely
Sometime after all this bliss
Somewhere lost in the emptiness

I hope you find this gift…
I hope you find this gift…
I hope you find this gift…

I hope you find this gift…


Another additions to Wozny family and Henry had learn what his passion as he entered the adulthood. Now the household rested on his shoulder as he was given the title “Head of the Famliy” by Holden. Let’s see how Henry would handle himself and how he would make decisions. Let’s await the next chapter to see!