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Chapter 1.15: You're Now A Man, Henry!

Henry called his Dad to meet them at the hospital. He tried to stay calm for his mom but he’s trembling all over, this is the first time he saw his mom in pain.

He drove all the way to the hospital less than 15 minutes, a stretcher is already waiting in the emergency area and he saw Dad waiting for them.

“Who’s with Janie and Josie?” his dad asked him.

“They’re with Lizzie, Dad. Is mom gonna be okay? She looks bad. We’re just playing the guitar and then suddenly. This happened.” He answered his dad worriedly.

His dad patted him on the shoulders, trying to assure him but he can see the fear in his eyes. This is the first time he saw that.

They waited for almost 4 hours until the doctor came out.

“Well Mr. Wozny. Congratulations to you! And to you Henry, help your Dad and Mom take care of these two little kiddos!” The doctor happily said the big news to them.

Both of them are shocked. The doctor assured that there are no complications but he have to talk to Holden privately. Henry excused himself to see his mom and the twins.

“Well Mr. Wozny, the twins are healthy and your wife is good. The problem is, she is at the age that her uterus is not that strong anymore and your wife feels it too. So before we put her to sleep she told me to tie her tubes so that she can’t have children anymore. She told me to inform you. I also feel that was the right decision because the next pregnancy would really be dangerous to your wife. I hope you understand Mr. Wozny” the doctor informed him in a serious tone.

He nodded and shook the hands of the doctor. He knows it’s for Gwen’s safety and his family’s sake.

He was surprised as he entered the room. He saw the twins, fraternal twins. He named them after the England’s greatest royal couple, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Gwen insisted her doctor that she would be released and promised that she will rest at her own home. The doctor reluctantly said yes but prescribed her with pain meds.

After the birth of his brother and sister, his dad talked to him about his responsibilities as the big brother and as the next Head of the Family. Too much stress and pressure clouded Henry’s mind and absent-mindedly he forgot what he will do next, until he heard his phone ringing.

He looked who might be calling him and saw the name of his bestfriend who he hasn’t been talking for almost a week. He misses her and delightedly answered the phone.

“Henry.” Raven said in a flat tone.

“Hey Rave, can we meet up?” Henry nervously asked her.

“Yeah. I’m calling because.. I guess we need to talk” Raven replied to him.

Raven invited him to their house. They had a long talk about the fight and apologize with each other.

“I missed you” Henry whispered to Raven. Henry felt electricity in his whole body, it spread like wildfire as they hugged. Henry awkwardly released Raven after the hug.

“C’mon. Let’s do the math homework. I know you need my help” Raven jokingly punched her at his shoulder.

While they are doing their math and science assignment, she was asking Henry if they could dissect a cockroach for their science project.

But Henry could not concentrate. She still smelled Raven’s hair, the sweet smell like strawberries.

“What is this I’m feeling?” Henry thought.

They finished their homework and it’s the first time Henry finished his homework without cramming in the school. To take his mind of, Henry got his guitar and felt like to play in front of Raven.

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

The hammer may strike, be dead on the ground
A nail to my hand, a cross on his crown
We’re done if we’re done
Finished if we are complete
As one we are everything
We are everything we need

The Radar siblings joined Henry’s guitar and beautiful voice as he continued to sing…

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

What good is a life, with no one to share
The light of the moon, the honor of a swear
We can try to live the way of which you speak
Taste the milk of your mother earth’s love
Spread the consciousness you see
We are everything we need

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We’ve both been spoken for

All this indecision
All this independent strength
Still, we’ve got our hearts on save
We’ve got our hearts on save

Someday when you’re lonely
Sometime after all this bliss
Somewhere lost in the emptiness

I hope you find this gift…
I hope you find this gift…
I hope you find this gift…

I hope you find this gift…


Another additions to Wozny family and Henry had learn what his passion as he entered the adulthood. Now the household rested on his shoulder as he was given the title “Head of the Famliy” by Holden. Let’s see how Henry would handle himself and how he would make decisions. Let’s await the next chapter to see!

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Chapter 1.14: Larger Than Life


A sound of glass breaking was heard all over the house.

“Awan mik! Mik! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!!”

Gwen sighed. This morning has been a ruckus especially when Janie is breaking another glassware. This is the 3rd bowl this week.

“Okay Janie! Let me just help Josie first!” Gwen telling Janie, as she is gave Josie her cereal.

“Janie, eat first this cereal and then I will give you your milk. Daddy made that. You want daddy to be sad my angel?” Holden saying in a sing-song voice to calm down Janie.

Janie look irritated but decided to stay calm as her daddy gave her another bowl of cereals.

“Awant on Josie sittie!” Janie telling her daddy.

“Okay sweetheart.” As Henry scooped up Janie to change with Josie. Josie is just quiet about all of this.

Gwen just rolled her eyes with her daughter.

“They’re growing up to fast, Honey” Gwen said as she looked at her two little angels.

“I just wished I would still see the day that both of them will get married and have a family of their own” Holden suddenly looking sentimental.

Gwen looked worriedly at his husband. “Honey don’t worry you will see them with their children. We’ll be there.”

Holden smiled at her wife. “C’mon Honey let’s celebrate my birthday! Then later after school we’ll celebrate Lizzie’s”

With only the four of them to celebrate, Gwen got her guitar and sang him “Happy Birthday Song”. The twins giggled as they saw their father going to be an elder.

Holden was shocked by his elder outfit. He looks like a repairman. Gwen laughed at her husband and gave him a kiss.
Later that afternoon, Lizzie had her birthday but doesn’t end well. Gwen collapsed and they had to take to her to the hospital. The doctor informed them that Gwen is tired and she had to rest especially for her baby.

“What mom is pregnant again?” Lizzie asked the doctor, shocked.

The doctor just smiled at Lizzie’s reaction.

This made Lizzie annoyed. Her dad talked to her to move her things again back to Henry’s room. They need her new room to be a nursery for the baby. She left the hospital without even telling her parents.

“Another baby? We are too many and now that baby also got my gift!” Lizzie thought angrily.

Lizzie went to Maywood Glen to celebrate the remaining hours that she is free and she wants to forget what happened at her birthday.

She challenged a local to a game of chess. The guy smiled at him interestingly. Lizzie, still feeling annoyed just ignored him.

It took them until evening. She won 5 out of 6 games, the guy beat her on the last game but she let him win because she is already tired. She stood up and said thank you to the guy.

“Hey, My n---“ the guy started.

But she already left. She’s so tired she wants to sleep.

Back at home. Gwen was released by the hospital. She feels so tired and she also feels like air was sucked out every time she breathes.

“Holden, I feel so sick and tired but I feel so bad with Lizzie. That’s her birthday gift that she’s been wanting, she wanted her own room for ages.” Gwen said sadly.

“We didn’t expect this. I know this would be hard especially for you. I see that your body is not taking it easy anymore. I’m sorry Honey. We should have been more careful expressing our love with each other” Holden replied sadly.

Then they just eat silently, no one dared to talk anymore. Then they heard the door slammed and they knew it was Lizzie. They looked sadly with each other, lost for words.

Gwen changed clothes and look at the mirror. She’s pregnant again and this time her body is failing her. This is her fourth pregnancy and she’s not getting younger anymore. She had to make a decision.

“I need to do that. I need to get my daughter to like me again and I need this also for myself. I hope it will be a safe pregnancy.” She started touching her belly and tears flowed out of her eyes. “Sorry baby. I love you and we want you, don’t feel betrayed.”

She felt a kick that made her smile. Her baby understands her.

Everybody has a way to express themselves about Gwen’s pregnancy. Holden is busy taking care of the twins. Gwen is practicing her speech in front of the mirror. Lizzie is at Maywood Glen Park challenging someone over a game of chess again, a way to release her anger with her parents.

And Henry…

He took his guitar and let all out his sadness, frustration and stress with every pluck of his fingers on the strings of the guitar. Closing his eyes letting the music took him over.

But he heard another sweet tune synchronizing with his music. When he opened his eyes he saw her mom jamming with him. He smiled.

“Let’s do it mom. Let’s go rock n’ roll!” Henry excitedly told her mom.

Then suddenly…

Gwen dropped her guitar…

“Mom?” a worried look spread on the face of Henry.

“Call your dad. It’s time” Gwen told her son.

Will Gwen be safe in this last delivery and what is the hard decision that she’s deeply thinking? Will Lizzie’s relationship with her parents suddenly turned around and what’s in store for Holden? Will he live long and see her children get married and have a family of their own? See you on the next chapter guys!

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Chapter 1. 13: Bad Day




Panic voices can be heard at the Wozny household! The whole family is trying to stop the fire. Gwen having the brave trait grab a fire extinguisher and Henry also grab one. They try to subdue the fire that is trying wreak havoc on their living room.

For almost 30 minutes the fire blaze. It burnt to ashes their new sofa. Holden has also grabbed an extinguisher to help his son and wife to put out the fire. Neighbors had called the fireman, which are too late to help them.

“OH MY GOD! I’m burning!!!” Gwen shrieked.

Holden hold the nozzle of the fire extinguisher and direct it to Gwen. He had to save his wife!

Gwen was saved, but it left her with burns all over the body.

After that Holden had to bring her to the hospital to check out on her burns. Gwen is not seriously injured but it would take a while for her burns to be healed. The doctor advised that she stayed for the night for observation. Holden went home to tend the gifts while Henry offered to stay to watch over his mom for the rest of the night.

Holden stayed up all night to clean the burnt couch. He calls every 4 hours to check on Gwen’s condition. Gwen had to turn off her cellphone to stop Holden from calling her.

Around 6:30 am. He decided to cook breakfast for Lizzie, as she was going to school.

“Oh!I’m feeling woozy….”

Then Holden fell on the floor due to exhaustion. Lizzie is sitting in the dining room saw her father on the floor. She ran to him. Trembling, as she approached her father. He snored loudly. Lizzie snickered. She went upstairs and got a pillow and blanket for his dad.

Lizzie decided to cook breakfast for herself while her dad is taking a nap, at the floor. She decided to cook her favorite blueberry muffin.

“Princess, I’m sorry”

Lizzie looked around and she saw her dad already up.

“It’s okay Daddy. I know you’re tired. C’mon let’s eat. I cooked blueberry muffin for us.” Lizzie happily said.

Lizzie talked about the fire last night. Holden is just staring on the wall while her daughter talked about it. He’s thinking deeply about what could have happened, he almost lost her wife and this house.

Holden called the baby sitter to watch over the twins. Then accompany Lizzie to school and directly went to the hospital. Gwen is already released and they decided to go home to rest for the day.


The day after the fiery encounter with fire, this day doesn’t go too well also for the Wozny household.

While Gwen resting, Holden is watching tv and sitting in their new couch, same style with the previous burnt couch, the t.v was broken.

“Aaarrrrrgghhh” Holden shouted with disbelief. He’s anxiety level shoot up with all the stressful events that have happened. Lizzie tried her best to calm down her dad.

“I’m really sorry princess, daddy is just really stress with these stuff” Holden apologizing.

“It’s okay daddy. We’ll be okay!” Lizzie smiled and kissed her dad at the cheek. “I’ll be doing my homework, you want me to help you?”

“No, it will be fine princess. This will be just very fast” Holden assuring his daughter.

Henry is trying his best to be a best brother, but right now Janie’s cry is really irritating him. He’s just lucky that Josie is still not awake and having a duet with her.

He picked up Janie and gave her a bottle of milk to drink. Janie stops for a while and drinks her milk.

“Yenk yu!” Janie said to her big brother.

Henry patted her head and looked at the window. He still remembers the argument he had awhile ago with Raven, his bestfriend.


“I need you. Where have you been?” Henry shouted at Raven.

“I’m just with the Curries, why are you suddenly at rage with me? You called me and meet me here to just shout at me?” Raven replied, looking at me with shocked eyes.

“So you’re with the family of the vampires! While you’re happily hanging out with those blood drinkers, my mom almost lost her life!” Tears are starting form in my eyes.

“Wha?” Raven startled with what I said to her.

“I need my best buddy and you just left me hanging. Go and hang out with monkey-looking blood drinkers.” After saying that I left her without looking back.



I saw my mom knocking at the door. She set me back to the real world with that knock.

“Hey mom. What is it?” I asked her.

“We’ll go the park to rest. Let’s go refresh ourselves.”

“Okay.” I shuddered while thinking ogf going outside. I’m not into going outside. I just like to be here or just inside of a place. Outside is a dangerous place. But I know my family needs to be together especially in a time like this.

The Wozny family decided to go to the park and rest. Whatever happened last night is a challenge that would make their family stronger. Holden looked at his family. He never imagined it would get big like this and it’s a blessing for him. He would do everything to keep them together and be with them. The fire just made him be reminded that everything in life is a blessing. He would continue to be strong especially in the days ahead.

“Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (Poet)

Looking for the new tomorrow for the Wozny family! See you next chapter!

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Chapter 1.12: The HOT Welcoming Party!

After 9 months, my twins were born. Two beautiful girls, double the fun and double the stress. Life in our little home has been very stressful. Henry and Lizzie had a hard time concentrating on their studies because of the noise of my two little angels crying for everything they need.

I have been thinking it for quite a while. It should be my surprise to my wife for her birthday but I don’t have a choice, we really need it now. After Henry and Lizzie went home from school I told them to pack their bags. They were both so confused but they still do it. I carried it to our small car, crammed them at the back.

Gwen was looking at me worriedly.

“Trust me, Honey. I know what I’m doing” I told her and give her a peck on the cheek.

When all was set, we were crammed in our small car, by my side Lizzie and at the back Gwen and Henry holding Janelle and Josephine. Yes! That’s the name of our little angels. Gwen named them after her favorite Korean soap opera, “Princess Hours”, still named after regality.

After 3 minutes we are there, just 3 blocks away…

The look at the surprised faces of my family, they are all in awe! It’s still not finished but I think it’s bigger than our old house. The design was done by me and Gwen. She didn’t know, but all the times she is telling me about her dream house. I already memorized it. When we get enough money this will be the most beautiful house in Sunset Valley! 

New house comes with new makeover! Gwen decided to design her hair.

And my princess decided to change her hair also! Look how beautiful she is with her new haircut. I decided to give her a lift to school so she can’t late because of going to the salon for the makeover.

I salvage our old computer for the twin’s nursery room so I had to go back to my sanctuary, the library. I started to work right away, so that I can finish my novel. While the girls are busy doing their makeover, I decided to a more simple way of just buying new clothes. I feel more older mature, showing specks of grey hair.

Back at the house, Henry is trying to finish his homework. I know he is doing his best to finish his work and get a high grades. Unlike her sister Lizzie, a very smart kid, Henry had to work hard to finish his homework.

And what does my little princess do after her assignment? Playing tag with her friend that she invited over to our new crib. 

While watching over our daughter, Gwen started to get busy by starting a new garden. This would be our secondary option for money. 

After sending my new chapter to my publisher, I decided to go home.

As I enter my new house, I can feel the sense of pride in me. I worked hard for it and I can give a good shelter to my family. I looked at my wife and I saw her at the living room lighting our fireplace.

“You’re here honey. I will just rest my back while the twins are still sleeping. I’m just gonna watch t.v” Gwen said, smiling to me weakly but with satisfaction to her face.

“Okay! You better do that because the two backbreakers are charging themselves upstairs!” I jokingly tell her.

I went to the dining room and saw my two older children, chatting. They say hi to me and continue chatting.

So I decided to relax myself, so I got my tools and went to the bathroom and upgrade the toilet for a start…

When suddenly…

“I think Holden is cooking…” Gwen thought.

A shriek that sent my spine tingling.

I ran very fast and saw my wife with fire on her back trying to stop it..

I saw Lizzie, very shocked and trying to help her mom…

I saw my whole sofa burnt to crisp…

Wozny Family has a new house, new additiosn to the family and a new look to their style. All is well as their first day progresses but before it come to an end, someone send there houseWARMING gift to family! Watch out for the next HOT chapter!

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Photo Album

Today I also posted a new page in my blog, "Photo Album". It's pictures that I did not put in the story because it's either weird or awkward or simply, I just did not put it, but it's also part of the story. Hope you like it! ^_^  


Late Night ^_^

Last week I bought my third expansion, Sims 3: Late Night at first I'm really afraid that It would not work and I spent almost 30 minutes in the store thinking about it. Then I got a battle in my head which to buy. Late Night or World Adventures?. I have to weigh my options about this one, talked to my bestfriend which is more good and then I decided, Late Night. I think World Adventures have to wait. I have to think of our pc, which is used by four people and its hard drive nearly full. I have to think first and saved money for my own laptop.


I'm so excited playing that I almost forgot I have to work. Wait and see for the updates with late night expansion in my story!

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Chapter 1.11: Happy Family

“I’ve missed you so much, Zelda. “

It’s been a long time since I hugged her. I missed her so much. It’s been a couple of years since we last talked and we shared the day talking about what happened to us. It’s been good talking with her again. I’m happy I have my friend back. 

Many have changed in our household. My eldest, Henry, is now a teenager. Seeing him in highschool makes me kinda old. I can see him struggling in the awkward stage of his life, he’s experiencing the progress of changing from child into a man. I can see that he’s very frustrated sometimes, and that cause broken things in the house and more jobs for me to fix them.


Even if he’s clumsy, he still can do some things in the house. Gwen had already finished her maternity leave and is already back at work. She’s a band manager now, mind you. I know she’s gonna work hard especially now, Henry is in highschool and Lizzie is becoming a child. I know I had to help her, so I started my fifth book, special request by my wife’s OB-GYNE, Dr. Crumplebottom. The title of my new book is, “Ruthless Vagabond”. It’s a story about a pirate that was brought back to life by a strange curse. I will not tell you the details. Watch out for the book when it’s already finished and at your local bookstores.

Being busy writing a book, writing gossips, (I’m a tabloid writer now) and being the man of the house and taking care of everything. I need help and Henry has been responding without been asked. After school, he would take time to teach Lizzie how to talk. He’s my heir and he’s showing that he’s capable of that.

And whenever I feel tired from writing, cleaning, fixing broken things, doing the laundry, cooking and gardening (hahaha. That’s what I do everyday!). I felt so tired that I could not wait for my wife, but again, Henry is there to rescue. He stays up late to wait for her mom to come up. I’m loving my eldest so much, since childhood he’s been so sweet to us. He’s been the rock that both me and my wife lean on whenever we had problems.

My only problem with him is that, at his age, I can see teenagers thinking about what will they do after highschool. Telling their parent what work they want to do. Henry is very quiet about his career. I can see his virtuoso, he’s good at playing his guitar but he doesn’t voiced out that he wants to follow his mother’s footsteps, ,me and Gwen is very concerned about this. We don’t want to pressure him about his responsibilities. We just have to guide him.


I know he isn’t an outdoor guy but sometimes I would persuade him to play catch. Like now…

“Dad, it’s too dark. How can I see the ball?” He would tell me.

I just laughed and playfully punched him. He would just laughed and give in to my request.

My other daughter, Lizzie has grown up. We had a small gathering with only, Erin Kennedy her godmother is there. Erin is growing old and she looks so frail, but she told us not to worry about her. She gave our daughter a play table for building blocks. That’s her request to her godmother and Erin gave it to her.

Sometimes we can see her playing and when she got frustrated I could hear her shouting and throwing blocks in the room. I can see Gwen’s look of concern over her daughter and I just assured her that it’s nothing to worry about. His baby girl is just alright.

Then Lizzie’s first day at school came. Henry promised me he would take care of her sister. I’m really happy with my son, without even asking. He knows what to do to help us. I insisted of taking them to school but Lizzie choose to take the bus and experienced it. She’s a big girl now and she wants to experience it.

After school, she took our gift to her in action. She told us that she want to sell her baked good. Well I can see people buying her bluberry muffins. I’m proud of her. I can see Malcolm and Beau’s reactions. Well, I thought her how to do that.

Late that night, Henry and Lizzie are already on bed. Gwen and I are eating our dinner together. I’m telling her that I would buy a new computer for my writing and suddenly I could see that she bit her lip and looks sad.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked her worriedly.

“I just thought we could save some money. I know you want the computer but…” she answered me sadly.

“Well we could manage. Henry and Lizzie are already at school and we already paid that. I think we still have a budget” I assured her.

“I’m pregnant!” she suddenly blurted out.

My heart did a double take. I looked at her. She smiled sadly.

“That’s good news!” I exclaimed.

“I know. But Holden… I just came at the hospital. They told me. That we’re having twins”

That shocked me. I smiled and hugged her tightly.

“The computer can wait honey.” I said.

After the challenges that have come through the family. Gwen and Holden hold on to each other. Holden let us meet his two kids and her upcoming baby twins. The family is getting bigger and bigger. Let’s wait for the new challenges for both Holden and Gwen, their challenge? Being the best parents to their children. Watch out for the next chapter of “The Roommates”.

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