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Awkward moment in the pool after Holden and Gwen had their real first date. Zelda was there also in the public pool. Both of them like pretend they don't know her. hahahaha :)

This picture was taken after the birth of Henry. "It's messy a whole lot of blood and a really awful smell" as described by Holden after her wife's delivery.
Well Holden, we can really tell that you are disgusted by it. ^_^

"I think my mom's gone crazy" Henry looking at her mom.

I think so too Henry, she's going crazy about you high chair.


Holden dressed as vampire, Gwen as a witch and Henry as Pickachu!

I think Kaylyn was terrified at Gwen's reaction after telling her about her Aunt Zelda hidden love for his husband. She peed herself after the confrontation. Her mom and brother are so embarrassed at her. ^_^

"Muuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!! ME wants food NOW!!!!!!!!"

Iliana and Gwen laughing over another gossip in town.

They were talking about Beau Andrews and his fight with Gunther Goth.
"Did you know that Beau Andrews is a celebrity? Iliana asked Gwen

"No, he was always the party crasher? Is he a celebrity? Gwen asked her back
"Yes he is!"

And they both laughed. They don't know that he will be a celebrity when I got the late night. Damn you two, laughing about him when he got into a fight!!! ^_^

 Happy Birthday Holden!

It's just a dinner date with Gwen but it turns out the people in Bistro decided to celebrate with them. Welcome to Adulthood Holden!

Gwen decide to sing Holden a happy birthday song! Awwwww! Sweet!

When Holden is so busy taking care of the house. Henry is busy learning how to paint!

"Holden, I think I'm in labor!!!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Maybe it's just the baby kicking" Holden replied focusing in his food.

Gwen is really in labor but Holden choose to finish his food and Gwen takes herself into the hospital and Holden just followed her there.I think Holden remember the disgusting experienced he had with when he watch Gwen delivers a baby. Hahahaha!

Elizabeth Wozny

Named after Queen Elizabeth.

Bad hair for Henry Wozny after his birthday!

A makeover. That's more I like it with little Henry!

First day of school, Holden decided to take his son on his first day.

"Dad, school's so big. I think I'm gonna be lost" Holden looked at his father worriedly. Being an absent minded like his dad he tend to be so forgetful.

"Then it's gonna be so exciting in your first day son." Holden sheepishly smiled at him.

He gave his father a confused look.

After first ,he got lost, but he met a someone because of it. His first friend and later on his bestfriend, Raven Radar.

After home he told his father about his first day, that he was late but managed to meet a friend along the way. 

He pat his son of his head and said, "That's the way I met you mom:"

SWEET! ^_^

Holden teaches Lizzie hot to play Xylophone.


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