I have been reading legacy stories and I noticed that they make their rules for their legacies. I haven't thought of making any rules for my legacy. I just want to make it a natural game play. I have a high free will in my game, in order to let my Sims do their own thing (sometimes). This is to make things unpredictable as possible. But for the sake of making this a legacy. I would provide some things to remember:

1. In the other legacies that  I've read, like The Kyoti Legacy , they usually start with one Sim as the founder. For my story, I will use the Glover Household. I just want to experiment on this one and eventually I would make a legacy with one character. So for my story Holden Wozny and Gwen Glover will be my founders.

2.The first born will always be the heir/heiress. In case of twins/ triplets, the first to have a child will be the heir/ heiress. Adopted babies will never be the heir/heiress.

3. The siblings of the heir/heiress will moved out when they have their mate or if the heir/heiress family needed a space for a new child.

4. I will not use any money cheats. I will play this as normal and as honest? :) as possible.

There are my reminders for this story. I don't know if I can follow them but I'll try to. Happy Reading!  ^_^