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Chapter 1.10: This Is Real, This is ME

“I really gotta go guys. It’s my son’s birthday today! See you tomorrow!” As I waved back to my colleagues, and then as I turned around, I saw Gunther fell down clutching his chest.

All of us have panicked, someone tried called the ambulance, some tried to revive Gunther and suddenly a strange feeling enveloped me, like sucking my breath out of me, the air become cold and clammy, out of thin air, a hooded black figure showed up. And from that instant, I’ve seen death.

I went home sadly to what I have seen today and as I walked past the doors of our house I saw Holden. He is preparing breakfast. “What time is it?” looked at my clock, 5am! I’ve completely missed my son’s birthday party, even though it’s only 3 of us that were going to celebrate it.

I looked at my husband’s face. Trying to figure out what he would say or do. He laid down the egg that he is holding, I guess he is preparing waffles or pancakes for my son’s first day at school today. I found a blank face, not usually the ones when he forgot about something.

And then it all began….

He shouted and shouted at me. It was a rampage of Holden’s feelings that has been bottled up. I’m irritated about this. He would not understand. He wouldn’t listen to me, or should I say he didn’t even let me talk. He just keep shouting, sending his saliva all over me, telling me how disappointed he is for making my son wait and prioritizing my work.

That did it. It hit a nerve.

I retaliated. I haven’t slept for almost 14 hours, I just saw death and I’m tired, because I’m  working very hard.

But Holden wouldn’t even listen.

We heard sounds from my son’s room. He’s awake. We decided to stop arguing. We didn’t want him to be bothered by this. Holden suddenly become quiet.

I don’t want my son to see us fighting so I just blurted out that I’m going to sleep. Holden understand what I mean and goes to my son’s room. I felt a wave of guilt. I just went to my room and tossed myself to the bed.


Later that morning, a wave of nausea awoke me from my deep slumber. I tried to get up but I feel woozy. I decided to look for my husband, but he was not at home. He didn’t even left a note as he always did. I was annoyed by this, so he’s taking it real hard huh! Fine with me! I’m mad at him also for insulting my work that is helping us with finances.

But without a warning, I felt like a monster is inside of me wanting to get out. I ran to the bathroom. I spend my whole morning hugging the toilet bowl.


I spent the rest of the afternoon with my garden. I missed them, there my outlet whenever I felt bad. I’ve also setup near them my gift for my little boy.

It’s been like almost a month that I’ve seen my boy. I could see the carrot color hair came bobbing down the steps of the school bus.

“Muuuuuuuum!!!!” He cried when he saw me.

I’ve hugged him tightly. Some of the words of Holden last night were right. I haven’t seen my son for a while even if we leave on the same house. I know that one of the problems that Holden shouted about, is that, Henry hates the outdoors so much, because I’m busy with my work and Holden was busy with the house, Henry didn’t even experience going to the park.

I’ve led him near the garden and saw the easel. He ran to it and forgot that he hates the outdoors for a while to paint his first painting. I’m so proud of him and it makes me happy that he is not mad at me.

Later that evening I confide my morning sickness to my friends in the theatre, Pauline & Stiles, so while they others are busy rehearsing, Pauline and I snuck up to the grocery and bought a pregnancy test. After we got back to the theatre I prepared myself and went to the bathroom to try the test.

Much to my dismay, the results are positive. I can’t believe it. It’s been what almost a month since we had an intimate interaction. Holden and I, has been so distant lately because of misunderstanding and our differences, so I was shocked to find out that I was pregnant. Pauline congratulated me and Stiles tried to make the situation cheerful.

“It’s mine. I’ve made you pregnant by just looking at you” He jokingly said.

I smiled weakly at him. I know he likes me but he knows his place, but I appreciate his way of trying to cheer me up.

“Gwen…” a voice suddenly got me back to reality.

It’s Zelda. We’ve been very civil to one another ever since the argument at their house and I know that she stopped seeing my husband because of what I said to her. I got surprised when she suddenly talked to me.
“Come to my office. I’ve like to had my word with you”

I reluctantly stand up and followed her. I hope this is not another bad news.
It’s been almost 30 minutes since I’ve been staring at these clothes that I just washed. It’s been almost 1 hour since I’ve know two biggest shockers in my life.

I’m pregnant and I’ve been promoted.

I know for some people this is good news but for me only one of them is good news.

I’ve been promoted to band manager, Zelda, my boss shocked me with this news. I know I never expected it so I tried to pull my ass to work overtimes to have an income. Promotion is bad news since we are not in good terms. Holden is right again, that Zelda is a snob but a really fair person. Then the bad news kicked in, I’m pregnant so I would have almost a year of maternity leave. That sucks because it means another financial problem is coming.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to have kids but in our state right now, having another child is really bad timing.

I better tell this to Holden. We have to really tighten our belts for this and he have to finish his book to increase his stipend.


Not after long, Elizabeth was born. She’s beautiful, her face looks like mine, but sleepless nights and having to clean the house and take care of a baby is very hard.

Ever since Lizzie, (Henry made her that nickname because Elizabeth is too long and Holden chooses that name because of regality) had been born. Holden and I had make amends. We have a baby we have to come through our feelings and help each other to guide Lizzie.

Due to my stress and frustrations at home, I went to the Spa to have time for myself. I had to refresh myself. I’ve been depressed for a long time. I’ve been neglecting myself lately. I’ve had massage & make over for 500§, but it’s all worth it especially now that I will become an adult. This is my gift for myself. Happy Birthday to me!

I went home and saw my husband reading in the bed, I cuddled next to him and he was surprised and he looked at me.

“So you’ve taken away your headband. Well I liked it” Holden looked at me smiling.

“This is me, Honey. I’m really sorry. I’ve been neglecting all of you. But this is the “me” again, your Gwen you’ve fallen in love. I love you and Henry and Lizzie. I’m sorry that you also had to take care of me and watch me grow too.”

He smiled and he hugged me tight, he plant kisses all over and…. You know where it went. It’s been awhile though. Happy Birthday to me J

Holden and Gwen are now both adult, now with the challenge on having to build a family, they stayed together and make it through the challenges that life had thrown to them. Will they be able to get their lifetime wish before the hooded guy comes again .Let’s wait for the next chapter to find out!

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Chapter 1.9: Moving On

Life is like wind, it passes swiftly, but softly you can feel it brush to your skin and it gently caressed your soul. It leaves you with vivid memories that you can’t hardly forget. Life is fast but still, it will left you memories of the past, it stays with you throughout your life, may it be bad or good. You would still remember it and that what makes you strive to live longer and fight for                 __________________________________________________________________________

 I’m Holden Wozny, an adult, a husband, a father, a friend, a writer. Life passed me by so quickly, that when I turned around my little boy, Henry, is crawling towards me. Starting to walk, starting to talk, starting to learn all things around him.

 It’s been what? 4 years? I haven’t seen my friend, Zelda for that long. I don’t know what happened to her, she’s just disappeared from my sight, but I think only to me. I’ve tried asking Gwen about her, she’s just answered that her boss is okay. I’ve asked Iliana many times about her. She keeps telling me that Zelda is busy and hardly at home. I had a feeling that they had secret that they are telling me.

I’ve tried calling her but it seems that she blocked my number. I didn’t know what happened between us. She has been my good friend here in Sunset Valley… She’s my only friend. I felt so alone.

 I know I have a good wife, but lately, we haven’t been talking because of her busy schedule. She had a promotion. Now she is a stagehand in the theatre, making sure all the equipment of the band is in good shape. She has been very focused with her career .And for me? I’ve been very busy being a good house husband in the house.

I don’t hate my wife, really. I just hope that she just makes time for us, for me. I really wanted to have another child, a big family. I know that we really need the money and Gwen provides us with that. She works hard and even built a garden so we can have another extra income.

 I know that being a writer will not really make you rich but I love to do it. I felt bad that I can help her. I’m the man of this house but I feel helpless, like this dead tree I’m looking right now.

I felt really alone. I miss Zelda, whenever I felt bad or I’m feeling down. She’s always there to cheer me up. Whenever I need help she’s been there to help me, whenever me and Gwen fight she listens to my ranting about my wife, lending me a listening ear. She is what Gwen used to be when we are young, my bestfriend. I know Gwen will always be my bestfriend, but right now I need someone to talk to with my problems with my wife, with her.

 Time flown so fast! Henry is having his birthday! I’ve waited and waited for Gwen but my son is getting sleepy. I tried to call Gwen but I’ve just received her voicemail. Then after 3 hours of waiting, I finally got a text saying she will be late because the band extended their show. For the love of plumbbob!!!! She had us waiting for hours and she will still be having an extra shift!

 I decided to blow a candle for my boy. He deserved it. So I really hope that he will be happy with his caramel birthday cake that I had delivered for us. I sang him a happy birthday song. I’m really proud for Henry, he is going to be a big boy now.

Here is a picture of my boy, Henry Wozny. He got my features but got her mother’s hair color and purple color of her eyes.Now he is a big boy, well not really a big boy but now he became a child. I know it’s my fault because we don’t have time to bring him to park and he seems to hate outdoors. I’m asking him to play to the park tomorrow but he doesn’t want to.

 Henry asked me to if we could sleep now because he is excited for his first day of school tomorrow. So I decided why wait for his mother who wouldn’t even call to say happy birthday to her son, our child. This left me with disgusted feeling in my chest.

So as I was preparing to tuck him in his new bed.

“Daddy, I don’t want you to be alone. It’s my birthday, I want you to be happy.”Henry suddenly said to me.

This suddenly brought tears to my eyes, I tried to hide it by trying to ushered him to our room and tuck him to our bed. I don’t care if Gwen comes home or not. She chose her job over us and I don’t want to be sad anymore for my lost friend and my wife who is obsessed with her career. I’m moving on for my sorrow, even for just now…

So many confusions for Holden Wozny, a lost friend that he can’t find because she doesn’t want to be find, a wife that becomes absent as a mother and a wife and his career versus being a man of the house. Can Holden finally pull up his strength and find a way to survive in these predicaments he’s facing right now or he will lose his way? And their baby, Henry had grown up. The first generation is now a child. So stay tuned to the next episode. Let’s hear from Gwen’s side of things next chapter.

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Chapter 1.8: Rumors

 Both Gwen and Holden had been very busy after the wedding and the birth of Henry. Due to financial difficulties, they started to work on their garden that helps them with fresh vegetables and fruits to be serve as a meal and also a payment to their monthly bills.

One Monday morning….

“You know what Iliana had bought another new car, I think they have 3 already,” Gwen excitedly telling Holden.

Holden just listens to his blubbering wife about cars. He knew that she wanted one for their family right now. Bills are piling up on them, their garden is still young so it can’t help and Gwen is still on their maternity leave, things don’t look good. He feels so bad for his son, Henry who had just celebrated his birthday without even a birthday party or even a cake. He looks at his son eating. He could feel the guilt forming on his chest.  He had to work hard to earn money.

Gwen decided to have another tattoo. He decided to have a tattoo of wings of angel on her back. A new tattoo artist was the one who made it. Dave was nowhere to be seen, she invited him to her wedding but he didn’t come, some people told her he moved to another town.

Gwen wondered why the tattoo artist laughs at her tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Holden has no more choice but to ask help again to her only friend on Sunset Valley, Zelda. They met on the city hall if she could be one of the sponsored for his upcoming book to be advertised. As they were talking,hey saw  Iliana, Zelda’s aunt and a really good friend of her wife.

Iliana says hi to them and look at Zelda at very peculiar way. Zelda bow her head down. Holden just looked at the both of them. He doesn’t know what’s going on but it feels very weird.

Out of boredom, Zelda decided to visit Iliana while Holden watched Henry at the house but to her dismay Iliana is still at work and her only youngest daughter, Kaylyn was there. While waiting for Iliana she chatted with Kaylyn while waiting for Iliana and her boss, Zelda.

Kaylyn was a very talkative child, she told stories about her family and everyone else in Sunset Valley.

“You know what Mrs. Wonzy, Aunt Zelda fantasizes your husband, Holden. She would always tell stories about him everynight but, well he got married to you so Aunt Zelda can’t do anything about it.” Kaylyn told her tactlessly.

She was shocked from what she hearing right now, she thought that it was just her that felt something about Zelda Mae and to her approach and friendliness to Holden. Ever since that day she saw them at the museum.

Jealousy is exploding to her heart.

Suddenly Zelda Mae entered their house.

“Hey, Gwen! How are you?—,”

“You Little Bitch, you loved my husband and has been stabbing in my back for all I know!” Gwen shouted at her.

Zelda was shocked by the behavior of Gwen at her. She doesn’t know where this anger is coming from, she looked at Kaylyn, and suddenly she already know what happened.

“Stay away from my husband, stay away from my family!!!” Gwen shouted at her face and stormed out of their house.

Zelda looked at Kaylyn and she just smiled innocently to her.

Gwen afraid that her husband will leave her decided to surprise Holden at his birthday. They are low on cash but she had to do something that could take away Holden’s affection for Zelda. She decided to buy him a gift.

Holden was very surprised the next morning that a Computer is on their house. He called Gwen whose computer is on the living room.

“It’s for you honey, I love you. Happy Birthday!” Gwen said to him enthusiastically with a kiss.

“But—“ Holden tried to reason out to her.

“We can manage” Gwen smiled.

The truth it almost cut her budget for this one. But she had to do this in order that Holden will no longer go to the library to write and stay in the house and not hang out with Zelda in the library.

Holden become an adult. A stubble is growing on his face for the sleepless night and stress. His eyes became so blurry so he decided to wear glasses already because he can’t see well. He looks more of a writer now.

He tried to call Zelda on his birthday but she is not replying, even on his birthday. He didn’t know what happened ever since the encounter with her Aunt Iliana on the city hall.

Holden become so confused with what’s happening around him. Either he is absent mindedly didn’t notice of he didn’t just feel the world around him.

Now that Holden is an adult, he had to face the new challenges with it. Becoming a father, a husband, a friend and a writer. Can he know what’s been happening to the women around her? We will know at the next chapter! 

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Chapter 1.7: Henry

It may not be the wedding of the century but still when you look into someone’s eyes and tell them that you loved them and that whatever happens you would face all problems with them. For better or for worst till death part the both of you.

It was a private wedding with only a few of their closest friends was invited. Even though Beau Andrews came up they still accepted him as a guest. Maybe the poor guy is lonely and they don’t mind him because he didn’t do anything bad for the party.

After the wedding they had a small reception at the house. Goopy Carbonara was served to the guest and was made by Holden. The guest had nothing but praises for the carbonara.

Guest, now busy chatting with each other. Erin and Gwen are talking about the coming baby. Erin missed her mom so much and Erin had become a motherly figure for her.Her parents could not attend the wedding because they were busy travelling the world, and as for Holden parents, both of them are starting a book business in England, but both of their parents wish them the best in their new life.

Everybody is enjoying the reception. Pauline Wan played the guitar and sing for her colleague and friend, Gwen Glover-Wozny. Beau Andrews and their boss Zelda hum to the tune.

Marry Me
Today and every day
Marry Me
If I ever get the nerve to say hello
In the café

Say you will
Say you will

After the wedding, life in their house is still on euphoric stage. She is always glancing at her ring and admiring it. She still can’t believe that she and Holden are married. Long time ago, they were the best of friends, hiding their real feeling with each other. Now they are husband and wife. This reminiscing make her giggle like a child.

While Gwen is busy admiring her wedding ring, Holden started to tinker some of the things in their house, he doesn’t want her pregnant wife tiring herself because of cleaning this small house and he is preparing himself for the upcoming birth of his baby and he’s very excited about it.

Gwen woke up with a jump when she felt a sharp stung on her abdomen. This pain has been very regular and she feels like she’s going to poop or something. She decided to go the loo, it’s been her new hang out place ever since this pregnancy occurred.

She decided to stand but after her foot touches the floor and wet feeling escapes her thighs.

“HOLDEEEEEEEEEEEEN!” she shrieked.

She saw her husband jumpily woke up, as his face looked at her thighs, he also freaked out. For a few minutes both of them freaked out but she decided to shout to Holden to take her to the hospital.


Henry Wozny was born. Holden name him after his character of his first book, “How can a Geek fall in love with Ms. Popular?”, and it sounded like a royalty. Both of his parents are very happy. Their bundle of joy is no here with them.
Due to her maternity leave, Gwen decided to have a garden where she could get some money. Holden being only a small writer and her being given with maternity pay, she needed a business while she’s on leave taking care of Henry. 

They take turns on feeding, changing diaper and playing with Baby Henry. Holden can’t still believe that he is a father now. He would do everything to take care of his family and he knew it’s not gonna be easy. This is his first born and he wants leave his legacy to him….

Life is very fast in Sunset Valley. Our Roommates get married, Gwen got pregnant and not too long she bore their first born, Henry. Their family is getting bigger and both of their hands are full now. Can both of them withstand the challenge of a married life, being parents and managing to take their own careers into another level? Wait and see in the next chapter! 



I’d like to share to you this picture of Holden making this disgusted face. This picture was taken after the birth of Henry. I guessed he watched the whole process of looking over his wife while taking birth of Henry and I know it’s not a beautiful site to watch. Hahahahaha! :)

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