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Chapter 1.6 New Life

Gwen woke up late the next morning and as she rolled to the right she saw a note lying there,

“Sorry I didn’t wake you up
I had to go to the  library to do work.
 See you later”

She prepared herself for work and she decided to call her friend, Erin. Erin was shocked by her story that they she and Holden are together now. They talked about him and having a family with him. She was shocked by this topic. “Having a baby with Holden?” She really had not thought about that.

A honk outside means the carpool has arrived. She says her goodbye to Erin and went to work while thinking about her chat with Erin.

Holden met up with Zelda Mae at the pool. He has something in his mind that he wants Zelda to know about. He is the only friend she had here in Sunset Valley. Zelda asked him was the meeting all about and he told him his plan. A plan that would change his life….

Holden went home early that night. He and Zelda Mae had already planned everything out. He decided to prepare the Carbonara for dinner. Smelling the aroma of it makes him a little nervous for this night. He hopes that everything will be alright.

Gwen was very surprised with this dinner date with Holden. She can’t hide her happiness.

“This is good. Thank you for this dinner date!” She exclaimed happily.

Holden just beamed at her.

Holden is everything to him. She wants him to be the father of her children. 

“This is the time… I think…” Holden nervously thought. He put his finger in his pocket and felt the box inside it.

He stood up and went to Gwen’s side and gesture her to stand up.

“Where are we going?” Gwen asked.

He just smiled at her. He’s so nervous he could not talk anymore.

“I love you. I love every bit of you. You’re the most beautiful, amazing and lovable woman I’ve ever met. I love you with all my heart even the most annoying things you do. Even if sometimes you don’t follow my advices, even if you sometimes hurt me.” He knelt down in front of her.

“OH!” Gwen gasped.

He got the little black box in his pocket and opened it. It shows a silver, shiny ring.

“You’re the only one that I want. Will you marry me, Gwen Glover?” He finally said it.

After the engagement dinner, Holden and Gwen cannot take their arms off with each other. They have been lovey-dovey every time they are in the same room.

Then Holden become very busy again with his new book and Gwen promoted to a roadie. Things have become hectic for the both of them, especially for Gwen. She feels nauseous every morning and sometimes because of this that she wakes up early morning just to vomit. She decided to go to a doctor to find out what’s the problem, she always thought maybe the sandwich that she makes for the band, but it’s been going for a week. Her sandwich can’t be that bad.

After the checkup the doctor told her that she call after 2 days for the result. Gwen was very nervous about her sickness. Holden tried to cheer her up but it always end up she gets annoyed with him. She is also getting stressed up with her upcoming wedding.


Gwen’s cellphone vibrate under her heard. She immediately woke up to answer the call.

“Gwen, this is Dr. Crumplebottom. Sorry it took so long, so I have called you for the results of your tests.”

“So what is my sickness?” Gwen nervously asked her doctor.

“Hmmm? Not sickness Gwen, but a blessing. Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Those things that you experience are just morning sickness”

She could not believe what she just heard. She is going to call Holden to tell him that he is going to be father. Now, it’s not only just the two of them. They’re a going to be a family. Welcome to their New Life.

Life for Gwen and Holden are fast-paced right now. A new life is coming and the heir to the first legacy is going to be born, but how about their wedding. Stay tuned for the Wedding of these two roommates!

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Chapter 1.5: Save Room

“Sorry I can't always find the words to say
But everything I've ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love and everything I had in this world
And all that I'll ever be it could all fall down around me
Just as long as I have you right here by me


Love is in the air. For Holden and Gwen that is. They can’t stop looking at each other’s eyes.  Holden was waiting for this moment in his life. He always thought this would never happen, but it is now.

“You hadn’t said a word?” Gwen suddenly said to him.

Holden:“Oh for the love of plumbbob! I’m absent mindedly thinking of something else!”

“I wanted to say many things, First---“ But Gwen cut him off.

 “Maybe a reply to what I said is a start?” Gwen looked at him pleadingly.

“@%$*! How should I say it?” Holden thought nervously. “Let’s go the public pool!” “What the hell I am saying?!!!”

Gwen was looking at him like he slap at her. “Fine” She muttered coldly.

“Oh brother……”

“Practically, I asked her for a date. That’s a start. Right Holden?” Holden talking to his thoughts. “What I am thinking?! Stupid!

“Why are you making that face? Are you hungry? You have been awake for 8 hours,” Gwen looking at him worriedly.

“No, no. It’s hot and I want to dip in the pool”

“Okay” Gwen replied to him coldly again.

At the pool as they changed their swimsuits. Gwen was feeling very disappointed right now. She thought Holden loves her, but he just keep changing the subject and just asked her to go swimming.

On the male restroom, Holden is nervously thinking what would he say to Gwen. He needs to say something to save his ridiculous reply to Gwen. “I’m so dumb!” Holden said to himself angrily. He made up his mind. He’s going to reply, whatever happens.

As both of them got out of their restrooms, wearing their swimsuits. Holden approached Gwen. “You looked beautiful!”

“Thank You,” she replied coldly.

“And it’s one of the things that fell in love with since high school….I Love you, Gwen Glover” 

Sayt that you’ll stay a little
Don’t say bye bye tonight
Say you’ll be mine
Just a little bit of love
Is worth a moment of your time

Knocking on your door just a little
So cold outside tonight
Let’s get a fire burning
I know, I keep burning right

If you stay
Won’t you stay?


At Last, they’ve let go of their feelings. It was something new to them. The first date, the first hug more than friends and the first kiss. It was like they were the only people in the pool. They were all over each other and they don’t even notice anything else in around them.
“I have been waiting for this day.” Gwen said to him as she looked at him intently.

“Me too.. I know it’s been very fast and… I want you to be my—I mean--. Do you want to be my girl---“ he didn’t finished his question because, Gwen has already given her answer, by the use of her lips and he replied quickly to it.

And it continued in their home….

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love, save a little
Save a little for me
Won’t you save a little?
Save a little for me…ohhh

Holden was staring at his computer, thinking of a new chapter for his new book, “The H-W Effect”. This new sci-fi novel was very tricky. He hadn’t watched one for ages since the Star Wars.

All he ever could think about is the way Gwen sway her hair, the way she laughed, the way she giggled…. “Oh! I have to work and finished this. I have to stop thinking about her” Holden thought happily, but the problem is he could not ever stop thinking about her, even for one second….

Finally! The two of them worked it somehow. Now a new start for them, not as bestfriends anymore but as couple. New relationship, new challenges awaits. And will they go beyond? Let’s wait for the next chapter!

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Chapter 1.4: Finally, the truth

Gwen woke up the next day without even realizing that Holden is not anymore in the house as she cruise the living room, which is also their dining room she just saw an empty plate. Things are getting worse every minute and it is hurting her, maybe she can hang out with Dave and it can take away all her pain and longing for Holden.

She decided to go to work early and just hang out in the theatre for awhile. The loneliness of the house is eating her alive.

Holden was very happy he finished his first book, “How Can A Geek fall in love with Ms. Popular?” He called his publisher that he sent the last chapter of the book and the publisher was very happy about it. Now he can buy his surprise for Gwen.

After work, Gwen decided to go home early. Despite of Dave calling her, she ignored it. She doesn’t feel good going out this night. She just had to call her next day to hang out with him. She’s not in the mood to do anything. On her way out of the car, she smell the aroma of mac and cheese.

“Holden must be home” she thought sadly. She knew this will be another night staring at dinner. She decided to call a cab and went to Erin’s place

She opted to go to Erin’s house first and they chatted for awhile. Erin offer her dinner but she refused. There’s a mac and cheese dinner leftover and she doesn’t want them to get spoiled, that would mean losing money. She needs to be thrifty and she’s embarrassed with Erin. She’s been a good friend and she doesn’t want to abuse her hospitality. She decided to freshen up and go home. Maybe Holden will be asleep so she can’t see him trying to avoid her at any cause.

As she stepped down the cab, the front door opened.

“Where have you been? I have been waiting for you.”

Gwen could not believe what she heard, as she look up she saw Holden, grinning at her. As Holden comes closer, she could feel tears falling down her eyes. Holden reached her hand at gave his hanky.
She tried to say something but Holden just hushed her to keep quiet.

 Holden: “C’mon dinner is waiting. I cooked it for you.. and I’m sorry.” Holden paused pat her hear. “This is also my celebration for finishing my first book”

She could not believe her ears. This is one of Holden’s dreams to write a book and she knew that Holden is happy. She looked at his eyes, she can see fulfillment.

Gwen: “Let’s go in and celebrate” 

They celebrate for the whole night until 6am that morning, but Holden is full of energy that he had seen before. The publisher called him to meet with him at around 7am. Without sleep, Holden just took a shower and went to meet him. He said he will go home early to catch sleep.

Gwen, now really tired. Decided she had to sleep and she had work at 3pm. As she entered her bedroom, she saw a lovely guitar. There’s a post it note in there:

“I’m sorry Gwen. I can’t promise that
          I won’t be absent minded but I will try
                to lessen it or avoid it. Don’t be mad.
                                                This is my gift for you. Hope you like it.
                                                                 For all the days that I annoyed you”
Gwen played the guitar, strummed a few notes with it. This is a lovely gift. She’s been saving it for almost 1 month but a guitar is expensive. It costs 600§ and she knew he couldn’t afford that so she knew she was behind her colleagues in the theatre. She’s so overjoyed right now with this gift. She knew from that moment she really love everything about Holden.

Holden came home and she saw Gwen playing the guitar she bought for her. When Gwen saw her she put down the guitar and hugged him tightly and whispered, “Thank you”.

Holden thought now it’s the time to tell her everything he feels. He had to take this opportunity.

Holden:“Gwen, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I have something to tell you.”

Gwen face turned pink after hearing that compliment.

Gwen:“But first let me tell you something, I have been keeping you this the whole time.”

She gazed into his eyes and He felt his temperature rose.

I Love You, Holden

They finally face their fears and tell their feelings to each other. Can they continue the risk and go all the way to each other’s hearts? See the next chapter to know!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chapter 1.3: Love, Loss and LEGACY

 It’s been a week now. Holden and Gwen are still not talking. Gwen is busy at her work and comes home late and Holden has been staying at the library, finishing his book but it was hard for him to write a love story especially now that between him and Gwen is not working, and they haven’t been dating, it’s just a friend’s quarrel.

Zelda Mae has been keeping her company at the library after her work she goes to the library talking to him about Art and Music. She’s been a great company and friend but that doesn’t mean she would replace Gwen. 

 Meanwhile, Gwen still doesn’t know why the scene at the museum last week annoyed her so much that she doesn’t want to talk to Holden. She’s been also annoyed at her boss, Zelda Mae. She knows that Zelda Mae isn’t doing anything bad, she just befriending Holden, but she is still annoyed by these.

While Holden is avoiding her, she becomes lonely at the house. She called Erin Kennedy, one of her few acquaintances in Sunset Valley, and invites her at their house. She was surprised to see Erin aged up. They talked about her dreams of playing the guitar and being great to people, Erin told her that in order to do that she had to become a star and own a brand new car.

 She told her that maybe she can be a great artist. Erin makes a face, she told her that she can’t make money out of that. There’s no money at art telling Gwen, frowning. Being with a trait of dislikes art, Gwen tries to understand her, she’s still a great company and she’s been lonely for a week and Erin is a great companion.

 Later that night, Gwen tried to talk to Holden, but it seems Holden is not in the mood to talk. He’s not even looking at her and just focusing in finishing his mac and cheese.

“I’m done. See you tomorrow. I’m really tired,” Holden tell her after picking his plate.

“I’m also tired by this, what happened to us? Is this the end of our friendship?”Gwen thought sadly.

Holden woke up the next day, feeling sulky. It’s been 2 weeks, Gwen tried to talk to him the last week but he is feeling tired and don’t want a conversation that would stress him. After that attempt by Gwen there was never an attempt again to fix their quarrel. Bills are piling up, his first book is q chapter behind and the deadline is coming near and he even broke the toilet and that cause him time to fix it. He misses her but he doesn’t know how to approach her.

 Gwen decided to have a tattoo. She wants to refresh herself and have Holden out of her mind. He wants to meet new people and have fun. So she decided to have a tattoo of a heart in her belly bottom. There he met Dave Ramsey. It’s time to test her charisma skills. She was a popular girl back at high school. It’s time to regain herself. 

Gwen try to get to know Dave, he is a technophobe and an angler. She still wants to know him but she have to go to work, so she gave her number to Dave and he promise to call her.

 Meanwhile, Holden had tried to read books to look for his impression. He read about a book about pregnancy and that makes him sad. He wanted to have a family of his own, a child that can carry his name and legacy. He wants it to be with Gwen, but things between them are not going well. 

Holden decided to call Zelda Mae for help. They met at the museum and he told her about his problem and asked her how Gwen is doing, especially at her work. Zelda Mae smiled at him. “You don’t see her as a friend only? You love her do you?

“I love her since high school” Holden finally told her.

Zelda Mae tried to hide her disappointment. She likes Holden but she was also his friend and she will help him with Gwen. She told him that she is not doing well at work, she’s way behind with the other newbies. She read her compositions but she cannot put music into it because she doesn’t know how to play the guitar or any other instruments.

Holden thanked her. He knows what to do.

Zelda Mae: “You know if Gwen doesn’t fell for this. I’m gonna fire her.”
Holden: “Haha, don’t do that boss! But If she doesn’t like it. I’m moving out.”
Zelda Mae: “You can move to our apartment if you want”
Holden: “Thank you so much for this, Zelda Mae. A guy that will be with you in the future will be a lucky one.”

Zelda Mae: “I hope it was you, Holden. If Gwen doesn’t see how great you are. I’m gonna get you, but for now. I’m giving up.”

What would Holden do to save their friendship and will he finally tell his feeling for her? Will Zelda Mae really give up her feelings for Holden? Let’s see on the next chapter!

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I've just finished reading Shenton Legacy and I want to read more legacy stories, so I tried to research for other legacy stories and I came across Legacy Challenge- The Sims Wiki so I clicked on that link. I was shocked that these legacy stories are real challenges made by pinstar, (so now I now why there are rules!). 

I just made my legacy without knowing about these challenges. Now that I know about these challenges, I'm thinking of shortening my room mates legacy to make a new one and to join the this challenge. :)

It's still a long way to go but I'll finish this legacy and and start a new one in order join the legacy challenge. For now I'll enjoy this one and be experimental on this legacy to be ready on my future legacy challenges!


P.S: I never notice the title of the legacies that I've read that there's a word "challenge" in it. Silly me! I'm so focus on reading the story that I've never noticed anything. ^_^

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Chapter 1.2: Separate Ways

Gwen woke up early the next day, very nervous, for her first day of work. She tried to brush her charisma skills by reading the Charisma Vol. 1: Fixing the Friend Problem. She doesn’t have a problem with a friend but maybe she can learn to fix her nerves for her first day at work.

Holden has also woken up. He looked at his bestfriend’s beautiful face full of nervousness. He assured her that everything will be alright and she would do good later. “I’m going to cook Waffles for you to ease up your nerves.”

Gwen is on the last page of her book, when she smell something burning. She immediately got up and looked for Holden but he was not in the Kitchen anymore and as she looked into the over she saw black smoke coming out of it. “Oh my God! The waffles! Where the hell is Holden?!” She ran to save the waffles.


It was burnt to crisp and it looks like charcoal. She can’t save anything for breakfast. She is pissed. She knows that Holden forgot that he is cooking something, being with the absent-minded trait, this could turn dangerous. What if she’s not there? There could have been a fire.


Holden is reading the basics of logic when Gwen stormed in his room. “What’s the fuss all about?” he asked Gwen innocently. This made Gwen more pissed with him. “You just almost get the house on fire and you’re sitting there reading your book!” Holden looks puzzled. He didn’t even know what she was talking about.

Gwen stormed out of the room and Holden followed suit. When he got out she saw her fixing her things. “I’m going to the museum.” As he was passing the kitchen he saw the burnt waffles in the counter. Now he knows why Gwen is pissed.

 He followed Gwen to the cab, but still she is not talking with her. He tried to apologize but she looked straight ahead trying to pretend he doesn’t exist. He knew that it was his fault. They always argue because of him being the absent minded

As they walked out of the cab, Holden is still following her. She stopped and told Holden to back off. She wants her space and she is irritated with him because of what he did and she left him on the first floor.

Holden felt humiliated, what was he thinking! He’s just a friend! Why was he following her like a dog following its master. He didn’t do anything wrong. She knew him for years, she always know he is absent minded. Why can’t he just accept the fact that he’s absent minded and he’s not going to change.

Holden doesn’t know what to do and suddenly someone tapped him, “Hiyah!.  He looked who is it, it’s Zelda Mae, Gwen’s boss. “You also love art? I love guys who’s In touch with their artistic side. All the boys that I’ve met just look at their muscles and see how big it gets.”Zelda Mae said.

“Hahahaha! Well I’m not your particular guy.” Holden said.

“Now that’s my kind of guy..”Zelda Mae said to him, while batting her eyelashes.

Holden was delighted. He was delighted that someone likes him. He likes the attention Zelda Mae is giving her. He had forgotten his fight with Gwen and he decided to have a chat with Zelda Mae.

At the 2nd floor of the museum...

Gwen is feeling guilty for what she did to Holden. She didn’t meant for him to leave. She just wants a space between him and her. Now she missed talking to him. She had to apologize. She had to find him and say how sorry she was.

Back at the 1st floor of the museum..

“Well I gotta go and do something on the 2nd floor. I need inspiration for my next song, well I think I already found it,” Zelda Mae smiled at him. “And I also gotta pee! Hahahaha!”

“Well I got your number. See you!, Holden said. He was following Zelda with his eyes as he saw Gwen coming downstairs.

“Hi! Gwen! See you in a bit. Don’t be late at your first day! Zelda exclaimed. “And by the way, you really had a handsome bestfriend”

He looked at Gwen’s reaction, but Gwen’s head is bowed down. He knows he had to apologize. But before he could even say something, “You’re still here huh, I thought you went somewhere. See you in the house. I gotta go somewhere”Gwen said to him and rushed off in the front doors of the museum. Now he’s really confused. She knows that reaction from Gwen. Now she’s giving her the cold shoulder. What did he do?

Holden went to the library. He is puzzled by Gwen’s attitude. So he will try to write a book to relax for a bit. The title of the book is “How Can A Geek fall in love with Ms. Popular?”. He will tell his love story to the public. He had to get away from the real world even just for awhile. Now it’s him and the computer. Time to write..

Time to write about his life…

Will everything be okay between Holden and Gwen or will they fall out of love even the friendship? Will the first book of Holden be successful to the public?   Stay tuned on the next chapter.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 1.1: Sunset Valley

          Holden Wozny, just graduated from high school and now moving to a new town on his own, maybe not on his own. He moved in with his best friend, Gwen Glover. He still remembers how his parents reacted to this. A smiled from his Dad and worried look from his Mom. His Dad was pretty happy that he is moving in with a pretty girl who could someday be his wife, while his Mom was very worried what will people think, but still, they allowed him, as their only son, they want him to reach his dreams, and that is to be Professional Author, but he had another dream, a very complicated one and hard to reach.

          Gwen Glover, like Holden, had just graduated from high school. She was glad Holden was with her. Her parents are very surprised when she told them she is moving out of town with Holden, but then they approved of Holden in so many ways. They loved him as much they loved her. They knew that she is secretly in love with her best friend and she is now a young adult and can make her own decisions, they gave her their blessings.

           One thing though, she’s not sure is, if Holden is feeling the same way. They were friends since freshmen. Some of her girl friends were surprised that she liked Holden, they all thought of him as a weird guy. She didn’t thought of him as a weird guy, but maybe a little reserved. Now they both to a moved a new town, she’s hoping all will change. Maybe Holden will look at her more than just his bestfriend.

They bought a small house with sinoleons that their parents have given and it left them with a few simoleons to spare. Gwen decided to look for a job and found one in the music business. She will start tomorrow at around 3pm. It paid a miniscule of 21§, but it will help her career and paying their bills.

Then the first guests came. Zelda Mae, Iliana Langerak and Molly French welcome them to Sunset Valley. Both of them felt really good about meeting new people.

Zelda Mae welcomed them with her music. She told them that she is working as Music Talent Scout in the theatre and Gwen was very surprise to meet her boss. Gwen told Zelda Mae that tomorrow was her first day working there. Zelda Mae got her guitar, and as her welcome gift to her new employee. She performed in front of them. Gwen felt a pang of jealousy. She loves music and it’s one of her goals to learn of how to play the guitar. Maybe if she becomes closer to Zelda Mae she would teach her.

The guest had left and they had their new home to themselves. They make silly faces with each other. Gwen was thinking of how her career will proceed if she makes friends with Zelda Mae, while Holden was thinking about her. 

Gwen hugged Holden. Holden was surprised by this. He asked Gwen what’s the hug for and Gwen answered her with, “Thank you for being here with me.” His heart was beating fast. Gwen asked him that she will walk for awhile in their new tow,she’d asked him if he would like to accompany here. He told her maybe next time, he will go to the library to use a computer.

Holden went to the Sunset Valley Library. He started to write short stories when he was in high school. He would write about romantic stories, to sci-fi, to anything that would enter his mind. He gets his inspiration in the books that he read. He is a book lover and his sanctuary is the library, especially when get bullied.

He looked at his latest short story, “Hidden Agenda”. It is a story of a guy named Henry and her hidden desires to her friend Gina and how they end up together. He clicked on the comments. He read about how outstanding his stories are, and they’re asking when will have his own book. These comments make his confidence kick up a notch and he’s thinking of writing his own novel.

Meanwhile, Gwen is using her time to meet new acquaintance in Sunset Valley,like Erin Kennedy. They talked about how useful is cell phone to their lives.

Holden went home after reading the comments in his short story. He wants to surprise Gwen by making her dinner. He started by a simple recipe, “Autumn Salad.” After a few cuts in his fingers, he made it. It doesn’t look good to eat but he tried to test it and it taste like a normal salad. Not really good but it’s edible.

Gwen was very surprised at Holden did. This is the first time Holden has cooked for her. The taste of autumn salad was pretty good especially for a first timer like Holden. Her heart was tingling with joy. They are eating together in this small house with only the two of them living in it. Gwen is thinking that they looked like a married couple in their new house, maybe there is a tiny bit of hope that Holden may liked him more than a bestfriend, and with thinking, it left her with smile in her face as Holden looked puzzled why Gwen is smiling..

Who would take the risk and make the first move? How would their career progress in Sunset Valley? Stay tuned in the next chapter..

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